FREE DOWNLOAD:  Quickly Predict the Security or Vulnerability of Your Dental Practice...
FREE DOWNLOAD:  Quickly Predict the Security or Vulnerability of Your Dental Practice...
Will Your Dental Practice Withstand ALL Cyber Security Threats… Or Will It FAIL And Potentially Threaten Your Whole Company? Download this QUICK Security Predictor Checklist to Find Out! ($97 Value)
Free for A Limited Time
How did you hear about the Security Predictor Checklist?
Here's a SNEAK Peek of the 7 Bullet-Proof Security Factors on the Checklist:
  • Factor 1: With just a QUICK RUN of these CRUCIAL checkpoints, you will INSTANTLY see loopholes in your security powerhouse.
  • Factor 2: It doesn't matter if you have ONE patient or ONE THOUSAND patients, if you NEGLECT this specific 1-minute step, you are endangering YOU.
  • Factor 3: Alright, you may be "A-OK" on the first 2 Factors...and that's great, you passed the test with 50%...but there is MORE. The other 50% lays in the hands of your IT provider - are they doing this? FIND OUT...
  • Factor 4: This COMPONENT to your security is A MUST! Avoiding it has threatened over 400 Dental offices in Wisconsin and 100+ offices in Colorado recently! (This means BIG FINES...and BIG losses) 
  • Factor 5: Before you even begin your work day, are you checking your PATCH? (Hint: Tuesday or a Wednesday Patch...if this doesn't ring a bell, ACT NOW!)
  • Factor 6: The SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE step that no practice can survive without!
  • Factor 7:  If you are MISSING this item, you are GUARANTEED to FAIL a HIPAA audit!
Is My Business Security ACTUALLY Putting My Practice At Risk?
Imagine your practice being at an all-time "high" with everything going well! 

Your patient base is GROWING and your ratings are GOOD...

You are achieving your mission and vision of keeping the community HEALTHY and SMILING.

...And of course, you're elevating your lifestyle, reflecting that all-time HIGH!

Everything seems to be going well, until...

This ONE event happens, that you NEVER ever even thought was possible: a MASSIVE cyber attack with a significant data loss.

Here’s the SCARY Part!
The MILLIONS of DOLLARS in loss and fines!

You have worked EXTREMELY hard...

And DO NOT deserve this...

Your patients do not deserve this...
The FATAL Flaw in YOUR Business...

What is the “FATAL flaw” that causes practices to FAIL no matter HOW HARD they work?

They FALL IN LOVE with what they do on the patient side...and potentially overlook the other 50% that is RESPONSIBLE for their practice stability: THE SECURITY!

Here's the GOOD NEWS though...

You don't have to go through years of trial and error only to discover that your business is doomed to fail the security test.

In fact...

You can discover, in a matter of minutes, if your SECURITY is protecting YOU 100%, or is better off being discarded!
How Can You Guarantee the Security of Your Dental Practice Right Now?
The answer is SIMPLE...

You need our PROVEN 7-Point CRITICAL Security Predictor Checklist!

The factors in this CHECKLIST have been used to SAVE practices and prevent MILLIONS of dollars in LOSSES (ALL major and successful offices have these factors in place)!

Download your copy by clicking the red button below:
7-Point Security Predictor Checklist


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